New Website

After two decades, Garb the has migrated to a commercial hosting site and using their platform. I chose one of the most popular which happens to be a Canadian company, Shopify.  

Garb the World started on Ebay and then Julia/Julles the owner (me), coded a page on geocities. Then we had a site on an SCA webstore site, then got our own domain and I coded all the pages. The shopping cart system was mals-e.cart.  Works wonderfly but it's not going to be updated forever and I need more bells and whistles on the store.  

When I started Garb the World I had to get a merchant account to accept credit cards, and had 2 phone interviews with the banks. They had to be convinced of stores without merchandise, made to order.

With shopify I just clicked a few things and now I can accept credit cards.

So the plan is that I will set up the website myself, and take as long as it takes.

First set up the in stock items, then custom.  And work on the pictures. and getting products in.'nuff to do.