Garb the World was started in 1999 by a historical reenactor who wanted to provide jobs for her stay-home-mom friends who were also reenactors.

We now offer a full line of historical and religious outfits which can be customized to your specifications. We also have a full line of pre-made items that are ready to ship. 

We specialize in inclusive sizing.

Our clients include several religious orders, reenactment groups, theatres, operas and people who like well-made custom made clothing.  We have stitched for several movies, plays, and 95 monk's robes for an opera.  

All of our items are stitched in the USA using as many local materials as possible.  In order to offer leather shoes at a reasonable price we work with an artisan in Pakistan and are able to offer many styles of historical shoes.

Contact Us  Email is answered daily.