Someone got free shipping on a product and I learned more about Shopify.  Seems when I have variants they have to be tagged with weight of the item and that they require shipping.  I found the place to be able to edit all the variants in all the items at once, and spent some time making sure the weight was accurate. Re-weighted a few items.  

I then set up shipping to use the apps from USPS and UPS to calculate shipping for each person. This is standard for sites now, it's what Etsy and Ebay do.  

But when I started the e-commerce website in 1999 I had to figure out shipping zones, and approximate costs for each weight group, and other complex algorithms.  I spend weeks learning about different methods and how to apply them, and figuring out which one worked best.

At some point, someone wrote code to calculate shipping for mals e-cart, and I used it to the end.  But it didn't offer USPS first class mail. The cheapest was Priority Express.  Priority Express is great for our costumes. But it's too much for our little accessory items like pins, clasp and trim.  Priority express tends to cost more than the item.

But now, with this fancy new site, we can offer first class mail and send packages in bubble envelopes which is significantly less expensive for the client. For the people still reading, I offer a coupon for free shipping in the USA on orders over $25.  Use freeshipblog.