Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is a safe, cheap, and fun sport where participants wear medieval or fantasy themed clothing and fight with foam padded weapons. The fighting is hard and fast and has, over the past 21 years, refined into its own brand of martial art. The rules are easy to learn and after a few practices you will be hooked.

Most groups are based off of Tolkien's Middle Earth; but they don't limit themselves in any way, you choose the character you are inspired to portray. You could be a religious knight fighting behind a shield with his trusty sword, a savage viking raider charging into battle with your mighty axe in hand, a noble elf standing tall quickly firing arrows, or even a foul goblin crawling on the ground sneaking to get that quick unseen back stab. The choice is yours!

We offer deals to newcomers in Belegarth  

Our Basic Outfit Special consists of a tunic, belt and pants or a skirt for a great low price. And don't forget to add shoes.

Garb the World is a merchant at the Battle for the Ring, in January in Chino, California. We have vended at this event for a decade.