Dark age Europe meets Tolkien's Middle Earth in a safe and action-packed national live action battle game.

Most garb worn in the Dagorhir falls into the 'medieval' or Dark Ages time period. Robes (wizard and open robes) are also popular. We sell Elf ears.

Dagorhir costume regulations are fairly simple, there are no character classes. The flavor of garb that a person wears is typically demonstrative of their persona, location, or interests. They could carry a Dagorhir sword or Dagorhir weapon. Membership includes people with both historical and Tolkien leanings. Within the historical arena, there is everything ranging from Vikings to Romans to Celts and more.

Official Rules from:

  • 1.3. A costume that meets or preferably exceeds minimum Dagorhir requirements which are:
  • 1.3.1. A tunic of crotch length or longer. This requirement may be waived only if the rest of the costume (pants, boots, etc.) is of exceptional quality and appearance.
  • 1.3.2. Medieval-style (baggy) pants, kilt, skirt, etc.
  • 1.3.3. Medieval-style footwear (moccasins, boots that are not blatantly non-medieval in style, earth-tone shoes with leggings, etc.).
  • 1.4. Forbidden Garments: Include blue jeans, white shoes, camouflage patterns such as military fatigues, exposed T-shirts, modern hats, real swords or knives (even in sheaths or cases, worn or carried) during combat or fighting.

We offer deals to newcomers in Dag.

Our Basic Outfit Special consists of a tunic, belt and pants or a skirt for a great low price. And don't forget to add shoes.

Garb the World is a merchant at the Battle for the Ring, in January in Chino, California. We have vended at this event for a decade.