Authentic costumes for ‘The Chosen’. Biblical clothing in appropriate colors and fabrics made in the USA.  

I am not affiliated with the program but I do have a copy of their costume requirements and am putting together outfits for individuals and families so they can attend the event.

I have been selling historical costumes online since 1999. I started the business to help pay off student loans and hire friends who were having babies and wanted to work from home.  Stitchers are still mostly stay-at-home moms and everything is made in the USA. Stitchers are paid a living wage.

The rope sandals are made in West Virginia and the leather shoes are made by an artisan I work with in Pakistan. The leather shoes are historically accurate. The rope sandals look great and are machine washable.

Fabrics that would have been used in period include linens and wools. They are a lot more expensive than the fabrics I use (muslin, cottons, twills). Outfits would cost ~$800 and I can start making them if people want. The fabrics I use are acceptable for the guidelines.

 About my products:

I have a few styles and fabrics in my product line that is appropriate. I also have other fabrics that I am purchasing specifically for these costumes which I will have in limited amounts and will change.

Fabrics – muslin (beige), olive green, brown, tan, burgundy, black. I also have a few striped abayahs and am actively looking for more appropriate striped fabric.

I am trying to make packages of outfits for individuals and families so ordering will be less confusing and an inexpensive as possible.

I am selling items both on my personal website ( as well as on Etsy (GarbtheworldJulles).  IF YOU ORIGINALLY FOUND ME ON ETSY PLEASE ORDER AT LEAST ONCE FROM THERE SO THEY GET THEIR CUT FOR OUR INTRODUCTION. 


Ancient clothes catalog from my site. Note – some of the Greek clothes are pictured in lightweight polycotton which would NOT be appropriate for this event. I can make the outfits from materials that are appropriate, but they will be heavier and look a bit different. The trims are not period. You can tablet weave your own trim.

Etsy specials (so far, working on other combos):

One person - Jewish outfit. 

One person with shoes - Jewish outfit. 

Two people - Jewish outfits.  

Two people with shoes - Jewish outfits.  

When you order please mention in the comments that you are participating in the feeding of the 5K.  If you want a package with different items in it (e.g. mixture of Greek and Jewish clothes)  or for a different number of people just send me a note with all that you want and I’ll make you a special package. 


Costumes are machine-washable (cold) and can be machine-dried on low heat. Wrinkles are period.

You can contact me at  or on etsy at

I’m Julles.  I look forward to working with you.