NERO (nerolarp) is a Live Action Roleplaying Game in the medieval fantasy setting of Tyrra. On Tyrra, there are many duchies and kingdoms, many of which are represented by a NERO Chapter. There are over 40 NERO Chapters within the US and Canada, with more on the way. Each NERO Chapter has its own In-Game lands and history, though all are part of the same world.

How is Nero different from other Roleplaying games? The NERO Game System uses boffer combat and thrown cloth packets to determine the outcome of battles. Your character's skills and attributes are determined by what you decide your character wishes to learn with any Build Points that are gained through playing an Adventure, Adventure Day, or Weekend Gathering. However, unlike in table-top gaming, you act out what your character does. If you want to chase a monster, you run after it - if it wants to chase you, the monster runs after you! If you want to duck out of the way, you can do it without using any skills.

To get involved in NERO, you don't have to be an athlete. In fact, there are many other ways to get involved, completing puzzles, collecting information, investigating strange occurrences or in-game crimes and mysteries.

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